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Manual Spinal Decompression

Manual Spinal Decompression

Manual Spinal Decompression is a therapeutic technique employed to alleviate spinal pressure, offering relief from conditions such as back pain and sciatica. At ReGo, a leading physiotherapy clinic, our expert physiotherapists specialize in Manual Spinal Decompression as a key component of our comprehensive physio treatment approach. This targeted technique aims to reduce pressure on vertebral discs, promoting improved spinal alignment and overall function for enhanced well-being.


ReGo‘s physiotherapy clinic is at the forefront of Manual Spinal Decompression, a specialized technique addressing various spinal conditions. Our skilled physiotherapists tailor this non-invasive treatment to alleviate discomfort, enhance spinal health, and offer a personalized approach for individuals seeking effective relief. Experience the benefits of Manual Spinal Decompression at ReGo, where expertise meets innovation in physiotherapy for a healthier spine and a more active life. 

The Benefits You Get From Manual Spinal Decompression

We provide effective pain relief for conditions associated with spinal pressure.

This technique contributes to enhanced spinal health, promoting better alignment and function.

Manual Spinal Decompression is a non-invasive physio treatment, offering a conservative approach to addressing spinal issues without surgery.

Our physiotherapy clinic ensures a tailored approach with Manual Spinal Decompression integrated into personalized treatment plans to meet individual needs.

Conditions Addressed

Neck and lower back pain

Leg and thigh discomfort, or sciatica

Disc protrusion or bulging

Compression of the nerve

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